5 Good And Affordable Universities In London

5 Good And Affordable Universities In London

The United Kingdom offers high quality university education, however the fees charged by most universities in the United Kingdom, be it Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England are pretty high. This especially affects foreign students who would like to study in the UK; the high cost of tuition is further eroded by the high cost of living in the United Kingdom especially in the metropolitan region. A foreign student has to contend with the high tuition fee as well as the high cost of living especially since most good Universities are concentrated around the city of London .A student bearing a UK passport is not subject to the high fees since the Government subsidizes the fee for local students. Despite the overall high cost of tuition, some universities offer cheaper tuition costs, these include:

University of West London
This is among the universities that offer high quality of education and charge lower cost of tuition. The annual tuition fee charged at the University of West London is between £ 6000-9000 as per the end of 2013.The Arts and social sciences are the lowest priced as compared to engineering, information technology and medicine courses. Being situated in the Western side of London, the students are however disadvantaged by the high costs of living, this therefore means that the cost saving made on tuition will be diluted by daily costs of living.

University of East London
This University is situated on the eastern side of the City of London; The University offers all fields of study with the tuition fees ranging from between £ 5500 to £ 9000. The lower fees are applicable to the less popular study fields especially in the arts while the sciences and engineering charge higher tuition fees. Once again, the students have to bear with higher costs of living due to the campus’s close proximity to the City of London.

Liverpool John Moores University
Liverpool John Moores University is another low cost university that offers high quality education at a much affordable tuition fee. Located in Liverpool, John Moores University charges a tuition fee of between £ 4500 -9000 annually. The campus also offers a wide variety of courses as well as study modules; the modes of study include full time, part time, distance learning etc. The cost of living is much cheaper as compared to universities in London; a student staying on campus will also be able to make more savings in terms of accommodation and upkeep costs.

University of Teesside 5500-8450
This University has maintained its long term record of being among the cheapest universities offering quality education, University of Teesside charges tuition fee of between £ 5500 and £ 8450 annually. The Higher learning institution is located in Darlington which is about 30 minutes from the City of Middlesborough and approximately 255 miles from London. The cost of living in the region is more student friendly thus combined with the low tuition fee; it will offer one of the best options of study.

Leeds Trinity University
This institution of higher learning is situated in the city of Leeds, the campus charges annual tuition fees of between £ 2500-8000 depending on the course undertaking. The institution offers on campus study as well as distance learning.

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